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Course Introduction

The uniqueness of everyone’s face correlates to the differences in facial expressions they have and the way we look. Our muscles move in predictable fashions with contraction and relaxation. Using botulinum toxin to change this muscle action will lead to a beautiful expression or quite the opposite. This course will dive into the upper face expressions and their pertinent muscles. It will cover the relationship between the upper face muscles and its expressions, and the five core muscles of the upper face. You will find the course rewarding and beneficial to your understanding of human upper-face expressions.

Course Objective

Every patient that walks through the door is unique, therefore we must not rely on a one-size-fits-all approach when providing injection treatments. The proper treatment protocol for each patient is determined by a series of decisions that you as an injector must make. This course is the first step toward building the foundational knowledge necessary to make those decisions. Our patients want predictable and consistent results and as injectors we must know where we are starting in order to understand where we are going. Our mission is to help you cultivate the knowledge and abilities needed to make decisions that will lead you to predictable and consistent patient outcomes.

After this course you will:

  • Begin to understand the relationship between facial expressions and upper face muscles
    Be able to identify pertinent muscles of the upper face as they relate to Botulinum Toxin treatments.

  • Begin to develop a deeper understanding of five core facial muscles as they relate to Botulinum Toxin treatments.

  • Learn common issues that can occur when treating specific muscle areas with Botulinum Toxin.

  • Develop strong foundational knowledge for more effective patient assessments

Carl Clarke M.H.S., RPAC, aesthetic injection trainer, during a training session.
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